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We are here on a mission.

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Bearer helps organizations build [.c-highlighted]sec[.c-circle-yellow][.c-circle-yellow][.c-highlighted]ure software that protects [.c-refokus-tooltip]sensitive data[.c-underline-yellow][.c-underline-yellow][.c-refokus-tooltip].

The software industry moves fast. Larger scale. Endlessly growing teams. Fragmented, dependency-driven services. We're building at unprecedented scale, and we've never collected or exchanged data at this level. Data is valuable, and protecting it is more important than it's ever been.

Data security and privacy is paramount; data leaks, data breaches and new privacy laws are commonplace and implore all of us to find a solution, today.

We believe that the best companies will leverage these challenges as a competitive advantage to drive their business, and we're focused on building the #1 data security platform to help them achieve this mission.

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Our Purpose

Bearer empowers security and engineering to build more secure software at no extra cost.

As software eats the world, every company is building and releasing products at lightning speeds to keep up with their customers’ expectations. However, developing software at this speed means that engineering teams can easily lose control of how they use and process their most sensitive information.

Existing application security solutions are notoriously bad at providing a true sense of business impact, making it a huge challenge for an overburdened and understaffed team to effectively manage them to meet security and compliance requirements. At the same time, data loss and leakage are among companies’ top concerns when it concerns their tech stack.

Bearer's vision is to solve both problems by optimizing application security efforts on remediating issues directly impacting the security of sensitive data, effectively reducing the attack surface for the organization.


The Bear philosophy

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At Bearer, we understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We have welcomed on board Bears that are highly experienced and skilled, as well as Bears who are just starting out, giving them space to share knowledge and help one another through new challenges.

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As a young company, we care about building a diverse and creative team.

We believe diversity affects creativity. Bears come from different horizons, yet have one common passion: to support our customers to innovate fast and with peace of mind.

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We've taken advantage of being a remote-first company.

We are building a passionate and diverse team, scattered across the globe in places like the United States, France, South Africa, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

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We're not afraid of time zones!

We keep everyone in the loop by making the most of asynchronous communication, and we have ownership and autonomy over our own work, trusting one another to make good decisions that will collectively push us toward our goals.


We lean on our values

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We have a mission to accomplish, and nothing will distract us from that goal.

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We trust each other the same way we hope you will trust us: through honesty and transparency.

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We give our team freedom so that they can give you their best.

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With great freedom comes great responsibility, to each other and to you!

Meet the Bears

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Guillaume Montard
Co-Founder, CEO
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Cédric Fabianski
Co-Founder, CTO
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Phil Hayton
Engineering Manager
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Elizabeth Braae
Software Engineer
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David Roe
Software Engineer
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Anita Weibel
Office Manager
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Ombeline Brard
Product Designer
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