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Automate data discovery & classification with Bearer

Data leaks and breaches lead to business risks such as regulatory fines, brand damage and revenue loss. In order to protect your organization against it, you must implement security policies that describe your data taxonomy as well as the security controls for each category of data. From there, you can uncover and classify data flows across your products, audit security controls, identify gaps with your security policy, and remediate issues.

The problem is that the first step—data discovery & classification—is still a manual, inaccurate and time-consuming task for both you and your developers. Security teams struggle to map data flows without becoming a bottleneck to developers. As a result, the inability to consistently implement data security controls puts your organization at risk.

We are excited to announce that Bearer now enables you to automate data discovery and classification throughout your entire development lifecycle.

Discover & classify data automatically

Bearer integrates with your Source Code Management (SCM) software or your CI/CD pipeline (see Integrations for more details) to scan your code repositories, catalog your engineering components (services, databases, third-party APIs) and discover and classify data flows between them.

Bearer discovers data by scanning OpenAPI, SQL, GraphQL and Protobuf files. We then classify data with a built-in machine learning model. Our detection engine supports 120+ data types, including personal, health, and financial data (see the full list of data types for more details). Data types can be regrouped under broader data categories, which are fully customizable to fit your data taxonomy.

By default, Bearer automatically scans your codebase once a week to discover and classify new data flows. You can fully customize the frequency at which we scan your codebase. Our scans are diff-aware, so you can focus on new data flows in recent code changes.

Key customer benefits

We think this new functionality will help teams work faster and avoid the bottlenecks that form when trying to balance security and release cadence. Bearer helps you:

  • Save time and costs: automate a manual, tedious and low-value task.
  • Reduce risks: map sensitive data flows accurately and earlier in your development process and so you can identify and remediate security issues before you merge.  
  • Improve developer satisfaction: stop slowing down developers without compromising on data security. 

What’s next?

  • Extended data discovery & classification capabilities: Bearer will be able to detect and classify data across all your code files (not only OpenAPI, SQL, GraphQL and Protobuf files).
  • Upgraded inventory: an improved inventory view to help you search through components and data flows more efficiently.
  • Data flow map: a visual representation of data flows between your engineering components.
  • Automated risk detection: a risk detection engine to automatically spot missing security controls, unauthorized data processing, third-party data sharing, and more.

Curious about what Bearer can detect in your code repositories? Just get in touch and we’ll happily organize a trial. 

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