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Bearer and Trace announce industry partnership

Bearer  has partnered with Trace to help companies leverage the best of services and software and build a connected compliance program.

Bearer is innovating data risk assessments to build intelligence and stack visibility at scale, while the Trace team brings decades of client-led professional services experience in privacy and data security. Together, the two companies bring the best blend of human and tech capabilities to shape the future of compliance. By working together, we believe we can offer the industry a very different outlook and bring together a new direction for data security in general.

The partnership kicks-off with the launch of Bearer’s privacy and security clinic, where attendees can ask anything about compliance, or benefit from a fresh perspective on their data security or privacy program. Also, watch this space for more community events and research, sponsored by the forthcoming Bearer Data-Sec Lab.

Find out more about Trace here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are Bearer and Trace collaborating like this?

Bearer collaborates with trusted partners on projects where the mutual value is clear. Data protection compliance is about holistic data management and is at the nexus of software and service. Done well, it’s a collaborative effort at every level. We’re continuing in that spirit!

What will Clinic attendees get out of it?

Our Clinic will give people wrestling with data protection compliance issues a sounding board to help them find solutions, and will help us in turn understand and ultimately serve the macro trends and customer needs. 

How do the solutions complement each other?

Trace and Bearer look at data protection compliance through slightly different lenses, and offer solutions for different elements of the challenge. Trace offers DPO services—privacy, governance, data risk, training—alongside a GDPR management app. Bearer, meanwhile, are tech and specific to cloud-native companies, surfacing data risks in their cloud-native stack.

Learn more about the privacy & security clinic here.

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