Reduce data privacy risks

Get in-depth visibility into your data processing activities to manage privacy risks and maintain compliance documentation.

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A screenshot of Bearer application: the component & data detection.

Automate data flow mapping

Stop wasting dozens of hours chasing after engineering, product and security teams to map data flows.

Bearer scans the source code of your products to automatically detect and catalog data processing over time, so you always keep your data map up-to-date.

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Improve collaboration with your engineering and security teams

Don’t overwhelm your engineers with heavy legal questionnaires. Easily collect the information you need to assess risks with light-touch surveys integrated into their workflows.

Share a single, accurate and up-to-date source of truth about data flows with your security team.

A screenshot of Bearer application: the security controls.
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A screenshot of Bearer application: risk management.

Identify and prioritize privacy risks

Bearer data inventory helps you document data processing with the necessary information  such as lawful basis, retention period, processing location and security measures.

So you can easily identify the highest privacy risks, focus your resources where it matters, and ensure your products meet your privacy requirements.

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Automate compliance documentation

Automatically update your Record of Processing Activities along with your data map to comply with GDPR article 30. 

Easily share audit trails and documents with auditors and customers to prove you comply with regulations and to win their trust.

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A screenshot of Bearer application: the Record of Processing Activities.

Bring the speed of DevOps to data security

Bearer helps companies processing sensitive data identify and mitigate data security risks across the software development lifecycle.