Mitigate risks of data breaches before they happen

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Deploy in minutes

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No access to your data

Bearer enables you to fix data security issues collaboratively with developers, and track the implementation of your data security policy.


Deliver secure applications faster

  • Mitigate risks before and after they reach your production environment.
  • Save costs by fixing security issues earlier in your development lifecycle.
  • Reduce Mean Time To Remediate (MTTR).
  • Become a support organization to your developers rather than a bottleneck.

Enable developers to fix issues

Bearer allows you to trigger mitigation workflows that provide your developers with detailed context and instructions so they can fix security issues on their own.

Bearer natively integrates with Slack and Jira, and mitigation workflows are customizable to fit your developers’ processes.

Bearer risk detection
Mitigation workflows

Monitor the implementation of your security policy

Track the implementation of security controls across your entire engineering organization.

Share KPIs with your Executives to demonstrate the value of your work.

Policy monitoring
Bearer remediation workflow

Shift data security left

Get a personalized demo to see how Bearer helps you remediate data security issues collaboratively with developers.