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Mitigate data security risks

 Build your data flow inventory, track security controls and identify risks that expose your data.

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A screenshot of Bearer application: the component & data detection.

Build your data inventory in days instead of months

Say goodbye to manual questionnaires and outdated inventories.

Deploy Bearer in less than an hour, continuously scan your source code, and automatically catalog your services and data over time. Bearer integrates natively with GitHub and GitLab.

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Identify and mitigate security risks

Bearer data inventory allows you to document security measures, understand where sensitive data lives, and identify your internal and external services you have to audit in priority. 

Focus your resources where it matters to prevent unauthorized access and data leaks.

A screenshot of Bearer application: risk management.
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A screenshot of Bearer application: the security controls.

Improve collaboration with your engineering and privacy teams

Collect information needed for risk assessments from engineers with developer-friendly questionnaires built right into their GitHub and GitLab workspace. 

Provide your privacy team with the documentation they need to comply with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA: Record of Processing Activities, registry of Data Processing Agreements, and more.

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Keep your data safe

Using a new vendor should never be a source of risks.

Bearer's discovery engine is available on-premise for complete control over your data. Our SaaS infrastructure only processes metadata sent by the discovery engine and can never access your source code. 

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Bring the speed of DevOps to data security

Bearer helps companies processing sensitive data identify and mitigate data security risks across the software development lifecycle.