How it works

Key features

With Bearer Cloud's findings inbox, you can monitor OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, software supply chain, and privacy risks across all your projects and teams. Collaborate efficiently with your engineers, close any gaps, and address issues quickly​.

Screenshot of a critical finding being assigned to an engineer.

Bearer Cloud integrates directly into your workflow, enabling developers to assess and fix their code security and privacy risks before deploying. This feature ensures that your security posture is monitored continuously without slowing down your team.

A ruby repository. GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket logos.

Bearer Cloud stands out in its ability to discover applications and services at risk based on their impact on sensitive data. Automatically filter and prioritize security risks by focusing on what truly matters: addressing the most critical threats to your business, such as data leaks and breaches.

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A screenshot of Bearer Cloud Platform where projects are filtered by containing PHI.

How is your application security posture evolving? What's the percentage of issues automatically fixed by your team before releasing? Bearer Cloud provides key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and reporting features to track your progress so you can discuss it with your stakeholders.

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Screenshot of KPIs: 
-Number of projects with critical findings
-Number of projects
-Number of projects with sensitive data 
-Identified external components (OpenAI, Redis, S3)
-Issues fixed before merging

Bearer Cloud automatically generates a privacy report, assisting your privacy and compliance team in fulfilling their reporting requirements (e.g ROPA) for GDPR and other frameworks.

An interface showing a privacy report. You can see the subjects, the sensitive data, and the detection count.

Seamless integrations

Bearer Cloud is designed to fit into your existing workflows. Whether it's GitHub, GitLab, Jira, or Slack, our tool is made to work with what your team already uses, reducing friction and boosting efficiency

Logos of Bearer's integrations


At Bearer, we understand that developers are at the heart of any successful security strategy. That's why Bearer Cloud is designed with developers in mind. From allowing developers to automatically assess and fix their code security issues before merging, to providing clear, documented examples of why something isn't right and how to fix it—we've got developers covered​. Moreover, Bearer Cloud supports customizable and extendable rules to fit your team's unique coding practices and business requirements, granting you the flexibility you need​.

Screenshot of a Bearer PR integration: 
-Leaking sensitive data to loggers

Language support

We support many languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Go, C#,  Python) and are working on adding more.

An illustration showing different programmation languages: Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Go, .Net.
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