Trusted by security teams, loved by developers.

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When implementing security and privacy controls in our products, we must continuously ensure that they are effective. We work with Bearer for their ambition to build the best developer-friendly platform to improve the day-to-day work of building new features secured by design, right from the source code. We share their user-first mindset and greatly appreciate the collaboration.

🐻 Romain MekarniSecurity Engineer at Doctolib

Security & Engineering teams struggle to monitor and protect sensitive data flows.

Monitoring sensitive data flows manually is time-consuming and error-prone as it spreads across thousands of applications and data stores.

Data security issues are identified in the production environment, once they are the most expensive to fix and already exploitable by attackers.

Security teams lack the context to remediate issues fast and accurately with the right code owners.

As a result, sensitive data is increasingly exposed to risks of data breaches.


Fix data security risks
& vulnerabilities

before pushing to production

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Detect data security risks right from your CI/CD.


Get actionable context to fix issues fast.

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Prevent data security issues from reaching production.


From code to visibility in minutes

Use Bearer CLI or native GitHub / GitLab integrations to scan your code repositories.

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The broker set up code in the back, a card with the name of a repository, and GitHub and GitLab logos.

Connect your cloud infrastructure to scan your data stores and associated security measures.

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The logos of AWS and Microsoft Azure. A card with the name of a SQL data store and the list of its security measures: Access control, Identity management, Backups, Encryption, Logs. "Backups" is red: the retention period is not set.

Automatically catalog data processing components (applications, APIs, data stores, third parties) and monitor sensitive data flows.

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The card of a repository, and its related assets: a MySQL data store, and Facebook and Amazon API third parties.

Proactively detect and prioritize 30+ security risks and vulnerabilities based on data sensitivity and business impact.

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A card showing an alert because a end to end encryption is missing on a column processing PHI data.

Fix issues fast with the right code owners thanks to actionable context and smooth workflows (Jira and Slack integrations).

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A card showing that an alert has been remediated. Emy Kiwi has encrypted a column with the classification "PHI".

Customize Bearer’s detection engine to fit your own security policy and coding practices.

Coming soon!
Two code boxes showing the creation of custom detection rules for Bearer.
Join the revolution

A Private Beta is waiting for you!

An illustration showing different programmation languages: Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Go, .Net.

Supports 7 languages

Our custom static code analysis is built in Go (yes it's fast!) and already support most stacks, but we're we will be adding more.

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Classify more than just /*email*/!

Already supports 120+ data types including: personal, health, financial, and custom types. We're also able to discover over 45 different data stores and 230 third-party APIs.

Logos of Slack, Bitbucket, Azure, Jira, Snyk, GitHub and AWS.

Plays nice with others

From SCM to Security tools and issues trackers we're already integrating with your ecosystem, and we keep expanding to support more.

A schema of Bearer infrastructure.

Secure by design

We built Bearer in a way so we never have access to your source code, nor will we ever ask for it. Our technology has been built to satisfy the needs of world-class security teams.