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Solution overview

Unlock the potential of state-of-the-art Static Application Security Testing (SAST) with Bearer. Our datasheet offers a complete overview of how Bearer is transforming code security. For insights and clarity on how we help secure your code, download now.

Product comparison

Product comparison
Enter the dynamic realm of code security with Bearer. Join us as we explore its capabilities in aside-by-side comparison with its well-known peers.

Top 10 guide for Ruby on Rails developers to ship secure products

This guide provides valuable insights into the most important areas of application security, based on the latest guidelines from OWASP. Identify and address potential vulnerabilities in your Ruby on Rails applications, reduce the risk of security and privacy breaches, and make your applications safer for users
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Loved by the Devsecops community

Bearer helps security professionals focus on the issues that matter the most without sifting through tons of false positives. I also like their unique approach of providing privacy insights and pitfalls by analyzing the source code. This will really help modern SaaS companies scale their application security programs and help security professionals discover and threat model sensitive data flows in their applications.

Mohit KalraHead of Security at Typeface

Bearer's speed, accuracy and rules in privacy management make it very exciting for me to join this great companies board!

Jim ManicoFounder at Manicode Security

In a DevOps world of microservices, ultra specialization and segmentation, traditional SAST tools are inadequate -- the lack of context about how and where code will be deployed generate too much noise and create headaches for developers while heightening tensions with the infosec team. This market needs a better way to evaluate source code security.

Renaud DeraisonCo-founder and former CTO

Bearer takes a unique shift left approach to help identify personal and and sensitive data before commit to a codebase. By pivoting closer to the development pipeline, this reduces the risk of exposure of these types of data in a production environment.

Paul MorenoVP, CISO at Catawiki

Static analysis security testing (SAST) is now table stakes for any software development organization. The long history of the category and the seniority of many common tools leads some developers to simply check the box of SAST and miss out on the value SAST can provide in terms of improving code quality and reducing risk exposure. Static analysis has long been recognized as one of the most effective ways to ensure safety in code but also has a reputation for being unwieldy and developer-unfriendly. Bearer is here to change all of that by providing a modern, developer first SAST solution.

Andrew BechererInvestor, Former CSO at Datadog

Bearer makes security and privacy effortless for the developer who is usually way too busy to think about it carefully and diligently.  With rules and policies enforced at the code level, the risk for breaches and leaking sensitive data is greatly reduced thanks to their product.

Renaud VisageCo-founder and former CTO

Bearer brings a new approach to an old problem. I was excited to see a platform uncover data risk early in the process and believe Bearer will change how application security is done.

Mike PrivetteCISO at Passport Labs

A developer first, open source platform solving important challenges in the security and privacy space. Bearer is a team of experienced technology leaders and technical sme’s working on real engineering challenges.

Tom AlcockCo-founder and partner at Code Red Partners