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In the realm of product security, the responsibility to deliver secure and trustworthy software falls on the shoulders of Product Security teams and leaders. Bearer's cutting-edge SAST solution provides the arsenal needed to ensure your products are not just functional but resilient to evolving threats.

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Ship trustworthy products, integrate security & privacy into SDLC

Bearer empowers product security teams and leaders to integrate security seamlessly into the Software Development Lifecycle, fostering a culture where secure coding is an inherent part of the product creation process.

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Speed Up development, release on time

With Bearer's efficient security protocols, development cycles are accelerated, enabling timely releases without compromising the security of your products.

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Apply security & privacy guardrails across all your code

Bearer ensures that security guardrails are applied consistently across all codebases, establishing a standardized and secure foundation for your entire software portfolio.

Key features

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Comprehensive findings management

Efficiently monitor OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, software supply chain, and privacy risks across all projects and teams using Bearer's findings inbox. Collaborate seamlessly with engineers, close gaps, and address issues promptly.

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Rapid threat identification

Bearer excels in rapidly identifying applications and services at risk, focusing on critical threats such as data leaks and breaches. Automatically filter and prioritize security risks based on their impact on sensitive data.

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Accelerated secure development

Empower your developers with AI suggestions and autofixes in developer workflows to augment your Product and Application Security team. Seamlessly integrate Bearer into your CI/CD pipeline, enabling developers to identify and rectify security and privacy risks before deployment. This feature ensures that your security posture is continuously monitored without compromising the speed of development cycles.

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Granular security insights

Bearer offers granular security insights through key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and detailed reporting features. This empowers you to track the evolution of your application's security posture with precision, allowing you to address issues effectively and focus efforts on the most critical security threats. Additionally, Bearer enhances tracking by allowing the security team to confirm or reject findings that developers have ignored directly in GitHub PRs, ensuring thorough and robust security oversight.

In the dynamic landscape of product security, Bearer stands as your ally, ensuring that not only functionality but security is at the heart of your software.

“A new approach to an old problem”

Bearer brings a new approach to an old problem. I was excited to see a platform uncover data risk early in the process and believe Bearer will change how application security is done.

Mike Privette

CISO at Passport Labs

Impressed by Bearer’s unique approach

I’ve had the opportunity to configure and advise on Bearer’s SAST tools and have been impressed by their clear reporting, which focuses on both security and development. Their recent GitHub App, offering in-PR AI remediation suggestions and false positive management, represents a significant advancement in the field. Bearer’s commitment to balancing security with a great developer experience is truly commendable.

Aristide Bouix
Product Security Engineer at Catawiki

“Solves important challenges”

A developer first, open source platform solving important challenges in the security and privacy space. Bearer is a team of experienced technology leaders and technical sme’s working on real engineering challenges.

Tom Alcock

Co-founder at Code Red Partners

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