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Developper-first: Fortifying code security

Within the domain of software engineering, the responsibility to craft secure code lies with Software Engineers and leaders. Bearer's advanced SAST solution empowers engineering teams to not only write efficient code but to fortify it against potential security threats.

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Enable security champions

Bearer facilitates security champion initiatives within dev teams, ensuring a developer-first experience. Code security becomes seamless in CI/CD pipelines, simplifying the role of security advocates.

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Empower developers and ship confidently

Bearer empowers developers by offering remediation examples, custom rules, and clear documentation. This approach ensures continuous, up-to-date security education, making secure coding a natural part of the development process.

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Protect first-party code from OWASP Top 10

Proactively detect and address vulnerabilities such as injection attacks, authentication issues, and cross-site scripting (XSS). Bearer empowers you to strengthen your first-party code, enhance security posture, and reduce the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks .

Key features

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Comprehensive security analysis

Bearer delivers comprehensive security analysis, ensuring the integrity of your code against a wide spectrum of vulnerabilities. From OWASP Top 10 to intricate software supply chain risks, Bearer provides a robust defense for your codebase.

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Efficient CI/CD integration

Bearer seamlessly integrates security into your CI/CD pipelines, ensuring continuous security checks throughout the development process. Developers can assess and address security risks efficiently, without compromising the speed of your development cycles.

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Empower developers with security confidence

Bearer's developer-focused approach instills confidence by providing educational resources, cultivating a culture of secure coding. From automatic assessment to clear documentation, developers have the support they need to contribute securely to your projects.

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Fully extendable & customizable security rules

Customize rules and data classifications with Bearer, adapting security measures to align with your coding practices and business requirements. Enjoy the flexibility of a fully extendable solution without any lock-in constraints.

For software engineering, Bearer stands as your ally, empowering teams to write secure, resilient code without compromising the development lifecycle.

“Makes security and privacy effortless”

Bearer makes security and privacy effortless for the developer who is usually way too busy to think about it carefully and diligently.  With rules and policies enforced at the code level, the risk for breaches and leaking sensitive data is greatly reduced thanks to their product.

Renaud Visage

Co-founder, former CTO at Eventbrite

“Worth adding to the CI pipeline”

I've tried running bearer on a few of my rails apps -> the scan results looks quite useful for finding security gaps in the code that I otherwise would not have even thought about. I think it's a tool worth adding to the CI pipeline.

Yaroslav Shmarov

Founder at SuperRails

“A better way to evaluate source code security”

In a DevOps world of microservices, ultra specialization and segmentation, traditional SAST tools are inadequate -- the lack of context about how and where code will be deployed generate too much noise and create headaches for developers while heightening tensions with the infosec team. This market needs a better way to evaluate source code security.

Renaud Deraison

Co-founder, former CTO at Tenable

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