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Announcing our $8M seed round

Our core mission at Bearer has always been focused on improving the developer experience. As we’ve evolved, that drive narrowed in on enabling development teams to strengthen their data security posture, while still maintaining the pace and agility needs of modern software. In an environment where data breaches and leaks are increasing rapidly year over year, it’s vitally important to detect sensitive data risks before they happen.

Today we’re pleased to announce the second tranche of funding, closing our seed round with $8 million raised to further help development teams protect their sensitive data. Alven led this second round of $4 million, joined by Kima Ventures, Partech, and Point Nine. 

Where’s the data in security?

Data security is essential. Industry analyst Verified Market Research predicts the data security market will reach $17.12 billion by 2028. Breaches are on the rise and new regulations from governments and industries aim to protect individual data rights better. The privacy market is flush with options, but data security is still lacking. 

Fines may be significant, but they have yet to hit dangerous levels for most companies. Instead, competitive security advantage is what differentiates companies. In an endless news stream of leaks and breaches, those protecting their customer’s sensitive data stand out. What was once an afterthought traded for cadence is now a high-value sales advantage.

Data security can’t be an afterthought

We’re changing the format. Don’t relegate data security to quarterly audits. Put it directly in the workflows your software teams already use. Shift it left in the process, as the industry likes to say. 

We do this by fitting into the existing workflows of complex engineering teams. Security teams often balance the needs of their policies with becoming blockers for engineering. To get around the problem we enable security to become a supporting organization rather than a bottleneck. We do this by surfacing risks, providing context and code-owner details, and automating the time-consuming tasks that both security and development team members want to avoid.

Join our early access program

We’re currently in early access, and would love to have you join our existing community of early adopters and experience what we can do to help improve your data security workflow. Sign up today.

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