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Bearer’s data-first security platform

Now is the time to rethink how you manage data security. We’ve discussed the potential for breaches, financial ramifications, and loss of business in the past. These get your attention, but we’re well beyond that. No company is immune to these risks anymore. It’s the “how” that trips people up. How do you account for every line of code? How do you keep tabs on third parties? How do you ensure security teams aren’t in the way of developers?

Our answer to these questions is a secure, low friction, “just the right amount of automation” risk detection and remediation platform built for developers and application security teams.

New workflows? We live where you code.

Have you ever tried to get a new tool adopted by the whole organization? What about one that slows down engineering? Good luck. We focused on making deployment as easy as possible by fitting it into existing tools. If you use an SCM like GitHub or GitLab, we’ve got an integration that will handle everything. No new build or deployment workflows—and no disgruntled teams as a result.

Automation tailored to your needs

Other tools rely on training your engineers on data security regulations across different industries and regions. You can’t expect them to be data security experts. We focus on detections, inter-service connections, and emphasizing the most important alerts—with context—so your teams can resolve them quickly. 

Risk identification, without the risk

Handing over full access to your codebase and data stores is a big ask. Instead, we scan and parse your code on your terms. We identify risks and important metadata, then send the results to our platform. Your code never leaves your workflow—be it GitHub, CI, or locally. 

We take this metadata, make connections, and provide actionable context and ownership information to make it easier for your engineers to fix problems. This is something that previously required extended, often slow, audits and manual reviews.

Why now?

Do we have a choice? We’re well beyond where the industry should be by now. We’ve all let data security slide, even with the warnings and steady flow of breaches and leaks. There’s no excuse to treat shipping code and protecting sensitive data as an either-or decision. 

Teams across all industries are shifting data security left, and even adopting data-first security practices. Complex and fragmented architectures require fast, actionable responses to risks. Regular audits aren’t enough, and one-size-catch-all security tools are slow monoliths that take valuable time and training to adopt.

Shift your focus, and ship code while still protecting sensitive data. See how Bearer can help, and sign up for early access here.

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