Data security as code

Why Bearer?

Ship code that doesn't break data security.
New paradigm

Data security is paramount

  • Data breaches are more frequent and expensive.
  • Data regulations are flourishing everywhere: GDPR in Europe, CCPA in the US, HIPAA for health data, PCI-DSS for cardholder data, and many more.
  • Data security has become a competitive advantage to gain the trust of customers and speed up sales cycles.
Money with wings

Average cost of a data breach (2021)


Increase of data breaches between 2020 and 2021

279 days

Average time to identify a security breach (2021)

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New context

Engineering organizations are complex and swift

  • Engineering and product teams grow fast in technology-driven organizations.
  • Development teams ship software continuously and faster than ever.
  • Software architecture is more fragmented with the increasing use of micro services and third-party services.
The status quo

Data security is inconsistent

Security teams struggle to keep up with the pace of product and engineering changes. It is painful to identify sensitive data flows, audit data security controls, and implement data security policies consistently without becoming a bottleneck to development teams.

As a result, insecure applications are shipped and the organization is exposed to risks of data breaches and revenue loss.

The new standard

Build your data-centric security program, from your source code to production.

Illustration of the DevSecOps symbol with two people working.

Reduce risks

Bearer helps you proactively detect data security issues from development to production to reduce risks of data breaches.

Money bag

Save costs

Bearer reduces operational costs by automating manual tasks such as data mapping and eliminating the need to retrofit data security controls post development.

lightning bolt

Deliver faster

Bearer allows security teams to become a supporting organization, not a bottleneck to developers, offering expertise and tooling to increase their autonomy.

Hand index finger pointing right

When implementing security and privacy controls in our products, we must continuously ensure that they are effective. We work with Bearer for their ambition to build the best developer-friendly platform to improve the day-to-day work of building new features secured by design, right from the source code. We share their user-first mindset and greatly appreciate the collaboration.

🐻 Romain MekarniSecurity Engineer at Doctolib

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