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Security & Engineering teams struggle to prioritize and remediate the most important issues.

75% of development teams release code daily or every few days.

Developers are not security experts, and security teams don't have the resources to manually triage every issue surfaced.

Application Security solutions are noisy, especially SAST, and don't automatically analyze the business impact, ultimately leading to a lack of prioritization over what matters.

As a result, sensitive data is increasingly exposed to risks of data breaches and data leaks.


Prioritize and Fix the most critical security issues before pushing to production

A terminal with lines of code, with a magnificent glass on it.

Detect and prioritize application security risks right from CI/CD

A code snippet showing a file and a security vulnerability, with a warning icon on it.

Get clear actionable context right into your developer's workflow

A terminal and a dashboard, with a shield icon on them.

Prevent critical issues from reaching production


How it works?

We built a completely new and Open Source SAST engine from scratch that can discover sensitive data flows and their associated security risks and vulnerabilities.

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A screenshot of Bearer terminal and cute polar bear with headphones.

Immediately start monitoring security risks and vulnerabilities covering the OWASP Top 10, from insecure communication to data leakage or weak encryption usage .

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A code snippet showing a security rule and its patterns.

Integrate natively with GitHub or GitLab, run in command line or as part of your CI/CD.Shift-data security left!

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By automatically filtering and prioritizing every security risks in the context of sensitive data, we allow you to focus on remediating the issues arming your business the most, data leaks and data breaches.

No manual work required!

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Bearer running on terminal, showing the different vulnerabilities found and their business impacts (Critical, high, medium, low, warning). Next to it: a mute icon.

Allow developers to automatically assess their code security issues and fix them before merging.

Instantly improve your security posture while reducing organizational friction, without slowing down your development team.

A card showing that an alert has been remediated. Emy Kiwi has encrypted a column with the classification "PHI".

Monitor incidents across all your projects and teams over time, collaborate efficiently with your engineers and close the remaining gaps.

Fix issues fast with code owners, actionable context and smooth workflows (Jira and Slack integrations).

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An interface showing different code vulnerabilities.

Some issues might require more discussion to assess their risk, and sometimes you just need an extra confirmation from your team. The contributor workflow is here to help you automatically trigger a discussion for more information and confirmation with your team whenever you need.

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An interface, where the user can assign columns of a table as PII, PHI or not sensitive.

How is your security posture, evolving? What's the percentage of issues automatically fixed by your team before merging to main? How is your MTTR evolving?

Use our KPIs and reporting feature to track your progress and discuss with your stockholders.

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An interface with different charts and KPIs.

Automatically generate a privacy report that shows every sensitive data processed per application, associated data subjects, third-party services and associated risks detected.

Help your privacy & compliance team fulfill their reporting requirements.

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An interface showing a privacy report. You can see the subjects, the sensitive data, and the detection count.
Join the revolution

Built by developers, for developers

Bearer scanner running on a terminal. GoLand and GitHub logos. A cute polar bear.

A modern and Open Source SAST engine

We've custom-built our own SAST engine and offer it as an Open Source solution for everyone.

A code snippet: a rule can be customised.

Fully extendable & customizable

Thanks to our Open Source core engine, customize rules and data classification to fit your own coding practices and business requirements. No professional services needed! No lock-in!

A illustration showing a remediation for the following critical risk: sensitive data stored in cookies.

We speak your language

Developers are not security experts and don't need to be, so we always do our best to provide documented examples of why something is not right and how to fix it.

A schema of Bearer infrastructure.

Secure by design

We built Bearer in a way so we never have access to your source code, nor will we ever ask for it. Our technology has been built to satisfy the needs of world-class security teams.