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Bearer CLI 1.3.0: Migrating rules

This week we released version 1.3.0 of Bearer CLI. It implements our new external rules system, improves TypeScript support, and fixes various detection bugs. Update your installation today.

Default rules now live in their own repo

We’ve moved the core, built-in ruleset to its own repository. This means that from v1.3.0 onward, you’ll receive the latest changes to the default rules—without needing to wait for an update to the CLI.

In addition, it should be considerably easier to browse and contribute to the rules files without diving deep into the CLI source. You can also browse rules in the documentation and jump directly to their source page from there.

You can browse the full release notes here.

In case you missed it

Coming soon

The next milestone is underway and includes the highly anticipated Java support and the initial version of diff scanning. Follow Milestone 4 on GitHub to keep track of the progress.

We’d love your feedback as Bearer CLI continues to grow. Drop into our community Discord server, open an issue on GitHub, or tweet @trybearer to let us know your thoughts.

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