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Bearer CLI 1.2.0: Introducing TypeScript Support

This week we released version 1.2.0 of Bearer CLI. It includes many bug fixes and improvements, along with support for TypeScript. You can update to the latest version by following the instructions for your platform.

Full TypeScript support

Our JavaScript engine has been expanded to support TypeScript fully. This means all JS rules are cross-compatible with TypeScript. That includes any custom rules you may be using. You can see all the available JS and TS rules in the rules documentation.

Give it a try on your projects and let us know what you think!

Assorted fixes

In addition to an assortment of smaller improvements and fixes, we’ve also reduced the number of false positives. You can view a complete list of fixes in the release notes.

In case you missed it…

In 1.1.0 we rolled out a few additions that you may have missed:

What to look forward to

We have loads of improvements and features in the pipe. Keep an eye on the issues page, particularly the active Milestone, for a view into what to expect in upcoming releases.

We’d love your feedback as Bearer CLI continues to grow. Drop into our community Discord server, open an issue on GitHub, or tweet @trybearer to let us know your thoughts.

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