Detect security risks and vulnerabilities proactively

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No access to your data

Bearer enables you to identify data security risks and vulnerabilities throughout your development lifecycle and across your production environment.


Identify security risks before they happen

  • Detect risks before and after they reach your production environment.
  • Prioritize issues based on impact to reduce noise and avoid alert fatigue.
  • Assess risks faster and more accurately with actionable context.
  • Stop slowing down development by automating security checks.
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Shadow data

Uncover shadow data processing across your applications.

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Third parties

Monitor sensitive data sharing with third-parties.

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Monitor data storing and processing locations to comply with regulations (GDPR, HIPAA).

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Detect missing server-side and client-side encryption.

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Access control

Identify publicly available sensitive data and weak access control measures.

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Monitor database backups across your cloud environment.

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Logging & monitoring

Ensure logging and monitoring is enable on all your applications and data stores.

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Monitor secret scanning controls and detect secret leaks.

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Identify vulnerabilities in repositories processing sensitive data.

Shift data security left

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